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“Skovholm og Johansen” from podcasts to challenges

“Skovholm og Johansen” is a Danish YouTube channel, that started as a podcast hosted by Rune Skovholm and myself (Simon Erasmus Johansen), and now we are shifting toward doing challenges in Design and videos where we have a short amount of time to create a video or design.

My roles on the show


I’m the one that talks the most on the show, and not only because that’s my personality, but also because I’m the one with the most knowledge about design production given my background as a Media Graphic Designer (mediegrafier), Web-integrator and Sign Technician. 


en we did the podcast, I did a lot of the producing in figuring out the structure of each episode and creating a template in Trello to create a faster workflow and organizing everything, while also have ideas written in one place.

Graphic Design/Motion Graphics

I created the visual identity for the channel, which is inspired but the 1990 colourful era which also used big hard shadows matched with geometric shapes and patterns.

I first created the logo and from that expanded onto the other element for the identity.


In the beginning, we took turns editing the podcast, but after Skovholm got a new job, I took over editing the episodes. We are now back to a shared editing schedule.

The video below is the channel welcome video that we shot after our last episode of season 1 of the podcast which I also did the editing on.

Watch the content

If you understand Danish you can check the channel out here!