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Creating a short film with 360 video

Making a short film can be difficult and a lot of hard work and planning. Now take all that and multiply that with 10 and you have the amount of work in making a short film in 360 video!

This was my first ever project making a 360 video and I’m in love! Since this was the first time ever using this media I suggested to my team that we made a CCTV/found footage video.

By doing this we made it easier on us since we didn’t have to also worry about recording lines and wind noise since most CCTV’s don’t record sound.

It also helped us when we had to remove the rig since we were able to use black blurs since they read as blind spots but also photoshops where’s mask out the rig.

final product

Take a look at the final project underneath, and if you have a pair of google cardboard for your phone, then I really recommend to use those since it really elevates the experience! Enjoy

YouTube | Camera 3: CCTV 12-01-2020-17:53:10

Special features

Location shots

We shot the video where I live, so when I got home I made some location shots on my phone that I sent my team for approval and to give them an idea on what I had told them.

What is more creepy?

Yup, that was the question when I sent my team these images for my costume.

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