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Immersive story with Unity, 360 videos and A-Frame

I had to work with making an immersive story in VR (Virtual Reality).

For this I worked with three projects:

  • Unity, to create a small game
  • 360 video where we created a short film
  • A-Frame, which is an HTML and JavaScript platform to create VR experiences in the browser that also combined the two other projects.

All the projects are heavy in the black and white theme, so when I was designing the A-Frame I was inspired by the aesthetics of the movie Sin City which is one of my favorite movies.

Here is the A-Frame scene. Try the fully working version here

Unity, guided by the light

For the unity project I had to find a way to tell a Immersive story and guide the user though it even though they had the freedom not to do that.

So I chose to use one of our base senses, sight. I made everything in my game totally black, except for one spot which had lights. When the user then enter the light the next light will turn on, and when the user leaves the first area, the first area’s lights turn off.

Spoiler for the game

If the user follows the light they will end up going in “circles” until they actually leave the route.

Then a bright light turns on and the real exit is revealed.

But in the dark room there are no fall hazards when in the bright room, there is a change the user can fall out.

All this symbolizes that something following the obvious route is not always the right one, but when you take a chance, the right one might appear but it comes with risks.

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