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Getting Juice into the Ears of TikTok

Simon always delivers, works quickly and efficiently.

He is very proactive, enterprising and has been the mastermind behind our social media throughout the period. You always meet Simon with a smile on his face and a positive attitude, and he is good and easy to work with.

Mathias Preisler

Co-Founder & CEO, Juicebox ApS

Campaign Results

  • 1000 Followers Goal 27,5% 27,5%


Followers from 5 to 266


Comments from 3 to 34


Likes from 26 to1,094


Video view from 1,520 to 25,481

 Case: I had 4 weeks to help the music platform Juicebox ApS gain followers on TikTok.

Problems: Being based in Denmark TikTok does not allow active links in the bio unless you have at least 1000 followers. Furthermore, the client hadn’t added more than two videos from their already existing Instagram account. The videos had done well, but we started with 5 followers.

For anyone who has ever worked with Social Media, you know that building a community is a slow journey unless you’re very lucky, and did hit a hint of that luck!

Solution: A minimum of two videos a week, with room for a third if a special trend or subject calls for a quick video.


Spotlights are short commercials featuring different studios for rent on their platform. The main objective was to get people aware of the service and to induce studio owners to add their own studios to the service.

Because of their commercial nature, I wanted to keep them under 1 minute to really respect the user’s time.

Little-Thursday Tips are the Evergreen content with tips and tricks on the music industry. These videos are the ones with the most activity from users and it was also one of these that went “viral”.

Being Evergreen content I could see that these videos would continue to generate, views, likes, favorites, share and followers.


The breakout video, ‘Sådan bliver du spillet i radioen DEL 1’


At blive spillet i radioen er stadigt en god måde at nå et større publikum, men hvordan får man sin musik i radioen? Det har vi kigget på på i denne her to-delte serie, hvor vi snakker om hvordan du kan blive spillet i radioen. Læs mere på vores juiceblogs på Juicebox.dk Vært: Mathias Preisler Video og redigering: Simon Erasmus Johansen B-Roll: Simon Wedege Petersen, pexels.com (Coverr-Free-Footage, PIRO4D, Life-Of-Vids), DR, Simon Erasmus Johansen #radio #dansktiktok #musik

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