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Daily Motion Graphics

How I level up my Motion Graphics skills

While looking for work I wanted to use the extra time to challenge myself to create a motion graphic a day, which is a great way for me to get better at the techniques I already know, and try out some new ones.

It kinda reminded me of my intern days at Virtual Reality – Denmark, where I made a ton of animations for the augmented reality app – Vileon that they had as a sister company. There we had to create native content in form of Motion Graphics and small videos for the release of the app, only this time, I can do whatever I want to mess around with.

My perfectionistic tendencies killed the project… for a while

“The Magician” is one of the most successful animations I did in my daily motion graphics challenge, but it also almost broke me, since I now felt that all my animation should be like this. It put me back a bit but I realised that I just needed to keep animating and learning, I do have a series still planned!

The Magician Stats (updated 20-07-2021)



Check out the animations

See all the animation on my reel page on Instagram

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