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Animations for Augmented Reality app Vileon

While working for Virtual Reality – Denmark, me and my co-worker (Liam) had to create internal content for the augmented reality app Vileon that would launch the following month.

Liam and I made over 100 animations targeted over 5 geolocation (HQ, Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg and Aarhus).

We started out with some small stories made with marketing, but in the end, we were just giving the images for the locations needed and freestyled most of the stories and animations from what we got.

The Showreel

The showreel contains some of the best animations I have in the process most have been made in less than one workday, but a few took 2 days to a week.

Creating a looping animation

The project was a good challenge since I got to use all my knowledge and gave the opportunity to research and learn a lot of new techniques, and for the best effect in the app, having to video looping made a lot of them a challenge even at the idea stage.

The Old Time Bar

This was one of the first animations I made that took half a workday because of all the work made in Photoshop.

I needed to cut out the characters in the old sculpture and create a clean plate, but this is also one of my favorite animations, even though the actual scene ain’t really a 2021 kind of scene.